Short Welcoming Speech of the Headmaster

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Welcome on the websites of "Berufliches Schulzentrum Vogtland" with its local school parts in Reichenbach, Rodewisch and Klingenthal.

We are a commercial-technical and business school funded by the local authority Vogtlandkreis. In Reichenbach and Klingenthal apprenticeships follow the reliable dual-system training, especially for industry and trade. Our vocational school supports the local economy in finding and educating young professional staff in numerous occupations. Students for business jobs are trained in Rodewisch. Because of changes concerning the basic structure of vocational schools in the Vogtlandkreis the school in Rodewisch was allocated to the school in Reichenbach. So the whole vocational school now operates under the name of BSZ Vogtland.

Remarkable is the aspect that we are developing a centre of excellence concerning professions in refrigeration and air-conditioning technology as well as for metal processing industry. The refrigeration and air-conditioning technology is very successful and has got a long tradition in Reichenbach. It is well-known beyond the Free State of Saxony. This is also a result of the permanent support given by the companies where apprentices are trained, as well as by manufacturers of components and wholesalers, who I would like to thank for their commitment and enthusiasm.

Moreover our offers in part-time and full-time training in the occupational field of musical instrument craft at our part of school in Klingenthal and the vocational training of rail track builders in Reichenbach do have an equal charisma.

Our part of school in Rodewisch ties in with a long training tradition of office and commercial professions in the region of Falkenstein, Auerbach and Rodewisch. In the school year 2013/14 the teaching staff prepared for introducing a new apprenticeship for training tradesmen for office management beginning in 2014. This new occupation now includes three former separate apprenticeships. Rodewisch is in charge of the part of schooling for this new profession in the whole region.

The BSZ Vogtland offers possibilities for vocational preparation as well. Altogether we trained about 1300 juveniles in ca 30 professions in the school year 2018/19. Our staff consists of approximately 87 teachers.

You are invited to have a closer look at the websites of our college. It will be a pleasure for our competent members of staff to offer help with any requests. We would like to get to know you personally to introduce you to the modern facilities in our newly built or completely reconstructed premises.

Tasso Börner